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The College is equipped with highly Sophisticated Instruments, The following important instruments are available.

Pharmaceutics Dept.

1) Tablet Disintegration test machine
2) Tablet Dissolution test apparatus
3) Tablet punching machine
4) Tablet coating pan
5) Tablet hardness tester
6) Friability test apparatus
7) Stirrer
8) Homogeniser
9) Capsule filling machine
10) Ampoule filling machine
11) Hammer mill
12) Karl - Fischer apparatus
13 Cutter Mill
14) Ball Mill

PH. Analysis & Instrumentation

01) UV - VIS Spectrophotometer
02) Karl-Fischer Titrator
03) Fluorometer
04) Flame photometer
05) Digital conductivity meter
06) Photoelectric Colorimeter
07) Wipro - LX 800 printer
08) Automatic Servo stabilizer
09) Electronic Balance
10) Cyclo mixer
11) Hot plate
12) Melting Point apparatus

Pharmacognosy PH Microbiology

1) Hot Air Oven 1) Laminar Air Flow
2) Mettler Balance 2) Auto clave
3) Heating mantle 3) Hot Air Oven
4) Microscope 4) Incubator
5) Mixer 5) Asceptic Cabinet
6) Stage Micrometers
7) B.O.D. Incubator

Pharmacology Dept.

1) Pole climbing Apparatus
2) Convulsiometer
4) Histamine chamber
5) Photo Actometer
6) Rota - Rod apparatus
7) Double Unit organ bath
8) Recording drum
9) Organ bath
10) Student stimulator
11) Tele - Thermometer
11) Swimming Test Apparatus

A.P.H.E. Depts.

1) Microscopes
2) Charts
3) Heamocytometer
4) Heamometer
5) Skeleton

Seminar Hall

The institute has two well furnished seminar halls. Each hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment like Slide and Film Projectors, OHP's, Video Projectors and Cameras, TV's, VCR's, LCD, built-in Audio Systems, pull down screens and public address systems with Cordless Microphones.

Regular guest lectures by dignitaries from India and abroad are conducted. Personality development and Communication skills workshop are organised regularly. We belive in overall development of our candidates.

Cyber Centre

The Cyber Centre is part of the Shadan Campus. All the students will undergo a familiarization course of accessing the internet, after which the entire world of Information will be on their fingertips. Shadan is one of those very few institutions offering the essential research tool.

Ladies Room beautifully decorated where you will come across many a girl work at her assignment. No, it is not only for work but it is place for refreshments as well.
The atmosphere here is cozy and comfortable.

Animal House

Vision: Humane care for experimental animals as per the standard guidelines. Mission: To provide animals for biomedical research or testing which has specific aims to advance practical aspects of new drug discovery and disease management.

The College has a CPCSEA recognized (Reg. No. 83/1999/ CPCSEA) central animal house facility. The animals are housed as per the standard guidelines. Restricted entry is maintained with access control system and monitored by CC TV camera.

The maintenance condition of our animal house has gained it the status of ‘standard animal house' which has attracted many top pharmaceutical industries and institutions to carry out their research projects using our animal house facilities. Well-equipped animal experimentation laboratories are situated adjacent to the animal house. Experiments on mice, rats, rabbits and Guinea pigs are routinely carried out with a prior approval from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC). The Committee comprises of eminent scientists and veterinarians along with a nominated member from the CPCSEA.

The Committee members meet twice in a year and strictly monitor the need and necessity of the animal experiments

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